Size of a remote URL

Cameron Laird claird at
Tue Aug 31 21:08:04 CEST 2004

In article <41336331$0$65608$a1866201 at>,
Grant Edwards  <grante at> wrote:
>On 2004-08-30, Justin <justin__devine at> wrote:
>> I want to track the download of files in a progress bar.  I asume I
>> need the final size to do that so I can compare it to the current size
>> on disk.
>> Le tme know if you know anything
>I know lots of things. :)  
>But, if the server doesn't tell you the content length in the
>HTTP headers, there's nothing you can do.
I'll reinforce Grant's message:  there are quite a few Web addresses
whose server begins delivery of content before it, the server, has
yet calculated the whole "page", much less its size.  Your require-
ment, as stated, is simply not possible in full generality.

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