Call for signatories for J2

Arthur ajsiegel at
Fri Aug 27 19:53:25 EDT 2004

On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 09:30:32 -0700, "Robert Brewer"
<fumanchu at> wrote:

>Anthony Baxter wrote:
>> Note that Robert has sent the completed proposal to python-dev,
>> and in fine Python tradition, buggered off for the weekend.
>> So I'm not entirely sure it's worthwhile posting more
>> for/against messages now.
>I'll continue to collect them, and post updates on Monday. So feel free.


With some commitment.

I have not read the J2 psper, but think it might in essence be covered
as a potential (good faith) counter-argument to it:

That a certain sense of Python aesthetics asks for this functionality
to be stripped of any aesthetic pretense. 

A little aside to the compiler

Whereas 'using: staticmethod' might say something, 'using:
MyTransform' says only that, and Python should not provide cover to
this kind of non-expressiveness.

We are looking to save some typing. Let's save typing.


With that I consider that Python has maintained a sense of
forthrightness, that will probably not allow me to escape my
begrudging infatuation with it.

With J2 ... well my adjustment period will be extended a bit..


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