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Thu Aug 5 00:29:05 CEST 2004

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> Michael McCracken wrote:
> > So, I'm still surprised that id() would point to the same object every
> > time, but I'm willing to believe it.
> Don't think of it using those words.  Think of it as "the new
> object is being created at the same address as the old object
> was at, so it's likely the first object created since the old
> one was destroyed", or something like that.   At least that way
> it's much easier to believe, much less of a coincidence, and
> actually something that a number of people have encountered
> over the years, though often with similar expressions of surprise
> or disbelief. :-)

Yes, yes.  When an object is destroyed, its id is free for reuse, whatever
the implementation.  For an unambiguous example:
>>> id([1]), id([2])
(9692456, 9692456)

Terry J. Reedy

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