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> > I have a program that can send posts to a news server.The problem is
> > that I must find a free usenet(news) server that allows posting, which
> > is not easy. For this reason I would like to make a modification in my
> > program so that the program can act in a similar way how real news
> > server, that is to spread the new posts to another news server. But I
> > do not have much knowledge about the way how news server chooses
> > another news server to send it's new posting.
> > Can anybody give me a hint( idea)?
> If you are running on Windows and just want a news server for testing, get 
> hold of a copy of Hamster (, this will act as both news 
> server and news client and lets you set up your own local newsgroups.
> If you meant that you actually want a free news server to post to real 
> newsgroups, then sign up with You have to agree to 
> some reasonable terms and conditions, but it is free.
> Real news-servers transfer news between each other by having a list of 
> servers to which they will forward news they have received, so to run a 
> real news server you need a peering agreement with an existing server, and 
> you aren't going to get that. What you can do though is to write a program 
> which works in the same sort of way as Hamster: i.e. it acts as a client to 
> one or more upstream news-servers while also acting as a server. This isn't 
> suitable for running a full news feed but works well when you have 
> comparatively few newsgroups.

Thanks a lot for the explanation

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