Python secure?

Istvan Albert ialbert at
Sun Aug 15 17:42:51 CEST 2004

Calvin wrote:

> Sorry I should have said I'm new to programming let alone Python. I wish to
> know whether Python is secure as an exe for a commercial product. i.e. can
> someone see your code more easily than in say using another language. We're
> not talking financial / security type software here just a basic windows
> app.

You have still not defined the problem properly.

1. do you mean how easy is to decompile your program: to
recover source code from the executable one.

2. do you mean how easy is to extract/bypass some some
essential (authentication, passwords) elements in your program?

As for a comparison to other languages, both java and C# can be
decompiled.  Note that no method exists that would recreate
the original source code exactly as you wrote it, it only creates
a source code that will compile to the same executable, and, depending on
the situation that source code could be hard to interpret.

I might sound a little bit cynical here, but if you, as you state,
are new to programming I can assure you that there will be quite
a while until you produce a piece of software that will be worth the
effort to decompile. This should be your least concern at this point.


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