My only complaint about Python

David Fraser davidf at
Thu Aug 19 18:33:03 CEST 2004

Darren Dale wrote:
> I love the language. I love the community. My only complaint is that 
> Python for Windows is built with Visual Studio.
> It is too difficult to build python, or a module, from source. This is 
> what open source is all about, isnt it? I even have a copy of visual 
> studio, and I still cant build modules from source, because my academic 
> copy is version 7. As a scientist funded by the NSF, I feel compelled to 
> do all my work using free software (I feel compelled to use free 
> software, regardless). And I feel compelled to contribute to the 
> scientific capabilities of my favorite programming language. But this 
> compiler issue is a big (and seemingly unnecessary) impediment. Will the 
> BDFL ever split with Visual Studio?

I agree. I don't mind it being built with Visual Studio, but out of the 
box mingw compatibility would be cool...

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