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Tue Aug 24 01:21:20 CEST 2004

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> Lucas Raab wrote:
> >One thing I've always kind of wondered is what is the average age of a
> >Python programmer?? What age groups use Python?? Something to think
> >about....
> >

Sigh...I have programmed professionally in many languages since 1956,
the year I began with IBM 704 and 705 absolute(not quite assembler). I
have been a Python enthusiast for several years now, Regrettably, I
program little now, for my other company responsibilities forbid it. 
Moreover, I'll be seventy next year; I seem slightly less quick at
coding than in my salad days...happily, I'm surrounded by others still
in theirs. I hope that all laboring in the vineyards of ones and zeros
gain as much joy from their careers as I have (and still do) from

Fred Allen

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