'break' Causes Execution of Procedure?

Scott Brady Drummonds scott.b.drummonds.nospam at intel.com
Wed Aug 11 22:25:19 CEST 2004

"Peter Otten" <__peter__ at web.de> wrote in message
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> Unfortunately you seem to have picked the wrong snippets, which by the way
> look made-up. The only error I see

Yeah, that was a typo.  I certainly would prefer to post real failing code
as opposed to code snippits, but I needed a way of distilling the importat
parts out of the program.  Sorry for doing a bad job of that.

> The "most basic" error would be a print statement producing
> > DEBUG: begin main procedure
> sitting in a second place where it doesn't belong and isn't expected.

Right.  You've got the idea.  There's no reason why the print statement at
the first line of main() should be executed after the break statement.  It
doesn't make sense.

> > How is it possible that the call to 'break' is seemingly being replaced
> > with a call to 'main'?
> Other than with a buggy C-extension that is not possible.

What is equally more confounding is that I cannot duplicate this error with
a small case I can post here.  :(  I'm still trying, though...


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