Merging pdf documents with Python

Kyler Laird Kyler at
Fri Aug 20 05:09:10 CEST 2004

"Daryl Middleton" <dmidd at> writes:

>Can python be used to merge pdf documents into a single pdf file so that I
>do not have to manually insert each one. Thanks

I was using a free version of PageCatcher (ReportLab) for awhile
(after using PJscript and Ghostscript).  My projects manipulate
PDF submitted by hundreds of people so any incompatibility is
likely to be a problem.  ReportLab couldn't handle everything we
got last year so I started searching again.

I ended up with iText.
It has been very solid.  There was a problem once but it was
quickly fixed.

I usually hate using Java but I don't mind using iText through
Jython.  When I use it from Zope I use os.system like this.
	command = 'java -cp /var/lib/zope/instance/default/Extensions/itext-paulo-130.jar ' + string.join(piece_names) + ' ' + result_name

I'm quite happy with iText.  I like that it's Free and well-
maintained.  Being usable from Jython is a real bonus.


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