age of Python programmers

Steve lonetwin at
Fri Aug 20 11:31:08 CEST 2004

Since this thread is certain to become something of a c.l.p lore, I'll
do my bit ...
Age: 26

I started out as a systems administrator, which required me to learn
shell scripting, I soon became a scripting nut, parsing conf files,
writing admin tools etc..., it didn't take me too long before I began
aching for a more ^expressive^ language, looked at perl, but that
appeared expressive only in the way slang is expressive for most
     A programmer friend suggested python and it was then that I found
the language that I could write script poetry in. Before I realized
it, I was looking for python programmer jobs. Since I had decided to
give up my System Admin. status for that of a programmer, I learned C
and C++ (thanks to my python knowledge, I actually understood what I
was supposed to be doing :)).
    Now I am a happy coder, working for a linux+python shop, doing
almost 90% of my work in python.

I guess the time has come for me to say this:
'A BIG THANK YOU' - to GvR and The Folks, for contributing to my state
of happiness.


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