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>> Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote in message > Blank lines are a
>> readability tool as much as clear indentation is. 
>> > Depending on the definition of "sparingly", this may be the one
>> > piece of Guido's advice that we've ever ignored... :-)
>> I've found myself using even more blank lines in python than C++.  But
>> if you look at BitTorrent, for example, the author claims blank lines
>> are a nuisance.  He writes very dense code, but I wonder if it would
>> be easily maintainable by anyone besides him.
>> jonathon
>He also does not use docstrings. I think BitTorrent code is not
>in this respect. Look at the code in the standard library if you want
>to see how the core Python developer write. Reading the modules
>written by Tim Peters
>is especially entertaining (lots of <winks> and LOL remarks ;)
>I also would take them as examples when teaching clarity in coding.
>               Michele Simionato

Depends on your style really.  A comment to the right of the piece of code 
or above it if it's describing more than 1 step, serves the same purpose as 
breaking atomic groups of code with whitespace.  Plus then you have a 
concise comment which can be read much faster than figuring out 4-5 lines 
of python mentally.

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