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Wed Aug 18 14:57:59 CEST 2004

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> fuzzyman at (Michael Foord) writes:
> [...]
> > Ok, I've got somewhere.
> > I'm now using the 0.9 version and I found the debugging section in the
> > docs.
> > 
> > I'm using the example from the docs - but I'm pickling a list of the
> > pickles rather than using the load and save methods (as the docs
> > suggest) because I get an NotImplemented error for the save method (so
> > what use is the load method ?).
> I suppose you're trying to use FileCookieJar.  That's an abstract base
> class.  In other words, you're not supposed to use it directly.
> You're supposed to use one of its subclasses, such as LWPCookieJar,
> MSIECookieJar or MozillaCookieJar.  The standard meaning of
> NotImplementedError is not "oops, I haven't got round to that", but
> rather "don't do that; use a subclass instead".

No - I was following hte docs - which just shows CookieJar IIRC :-)
Now that I'm using LWPCookieJar everything is wonderful and works fine...

I'm nopw learning about cookies and authentication....

Many Thanks


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