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> > No - I was following hte docs - which just shows CookieJar IIRC :-)
> > Now that I'm using LWPCookieJar everything is wonderful and works fine...
> [...]
> Whoops, sorry.  Where is this mistake in the docs?  I don't see it.
> John

I'm using the document that starts :
Note: this page describes the 0.9.x development version. See here for
the stable 0.4.x version.

There is no mention of LWPCookieJar *anywhere* in the docs.
In the debugging  section it talks about using the load and save
method and gives a specific example involving the straight CookieJar
class....... :

When you .save() to or .load()/.revert() from a file, single-session
cookies will expire unless you explicitly request otherwise with the
ignore_discard argument. This may be your problem if you find cookies
are going away after saving and loading.

import ClientCookie
cookies = ClientCookie.CookieJar()
opener = ClientCookie.build_opener(ClientCookie.HTTPCookieProcessor(cookies))
r = ClientCookie.urlopen("")"/some/file", ignore_discard=True, ignore_expires=True)

These are the docs that came with my download...............
LWPCookieJar - works fine.... but I'd never heard of it until you
mentioned it.



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