Decorator syntax (was Re: PEP 318 - PyFIT comments)

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Thu Aug 5 17:46:05 CEST 2004

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> On Thu, 5 Aug 2004 09:06:01 -0400,
> John Roth <newsgroups at> wrote:
> > That was basically my comment about ctypes. AMK's
> > blog entry referenced the ctype's documentation page,
> Heller's post (at
> wasn't
> very informative, either; I assume ctypes needs to do 'func =
> something_or_other(func)' as PyObjC does currently.

I see; that's not very informative.

What ctypes does is create a specialized object to
represent a particular c function, variable, array or
struct; then you use those objects as part of the
interface when you call the c function you're going

Possibly he's got something in mind to streamline
the construction of the supporting objects for
a given C API call.

It does, however, seem like something that would
be appropriate for function decorators.

John Roth
> --amk

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