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Dan Cardamore dan at
Wed Aug 18 04:29:04 CEST 2004

mfuhr at (Michael Fuhr) wrote in message news:<411cc8e5$1_2 at>...
> faizans at (Fazer) writes:
> > I made a small python script that gives the current weather conditions
> > of a city that you give as an argument.
> You could also use pymetar.

I wrote CurseTheWeather which has both an ncurses front end, and a
python module that can give you access to the forecast data.  The
source is the same (

Check it out at (with screenshots for the ncurses gui):

If anyone is interested in writing wx/tk/gtk/windows/cocoa/other/guis
then please let me know.  The wx gui has been started.


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