Larry Wall & Cults

Reid Nichol rnichol_rrc at
Thu Aug 26 20:09:31 CEST 2004

John Savard wrote:
 > They did, though, have to select from the German people those who
 > would operate the concentration camps.
Which where the afraid ones or the ones that actually believed in him 
for one reason or another.  Yes, some people didn't need brain-washing 
to believe him.  I know it's a radical idea that some people are racist, 
but it true!

 > As for the masses, it was enough that they were afraid to try to do
 > anything to stop it.
Perhaps you should look into the history books a little closer.  There 
was this thing call the resistance in *all* the countries you know, not 
to mention the anti-nazi publications in the papers during his rise to 
power.  And without those resistance fighters, the allies might have 
failed in there endeavour.

Why did you even give an actual reply to this guy anyway?

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