Larry Wall & Cults

Eric Pederson whereU at
Fri Aug 27 00:32:48 EDT 2004

Xah Lee wrote:

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> >> Did you know that throughout history there's this thing called cult?
> >
> >I think you're getting confused with the Blue Öyster Cult.
> >Don't Fear the Reaper - great song.
> And then there's this crazy little thing called love...
> -- 

I liked the "Cult's" highly cultural hit "Godzilla".  Perhaps not the most high minded of their catalog, but the only one, to my knowledge, that both Larry and Guido sang on.

re cults... In a rich area of the Silicon Valley, where the IPO lucky live, there is a pretty Dianetics school for the kids: what else do you need to know about the tech industry?  ;-)

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