Question on weightless threads and generators:

vjshield-widgets at vjshield-widgets at
Thu Aug 26 18:07:21 CEST 2004

I have a workerclass which takes in several parameters
for initialization. This class would have a doWork
function. Currently this function has a loop which
does all the work and then returns. I have to extend
the application to be able to support many different
workerClass instances all executing at the same time.
I was thinking of using generators to do this. 

I have the following questions on generators:

1. Can a generator function be inside a class
2. When you yield a generator, are all the instance
variables of the class saved as well.
3. If I want to do n units of work for each call to
the generator function, how do I pass the n to the
generator function?

class WorkerClass():
    def __init__(self, someVariables):
    def workerFunction(self, numUnitsOfWork):
        count = 0
        for i in timeUnits:
            application logic
            if count == numUnitsOfWork:
                yield None
        <end of function application logic> 
I'll then have a thread manager which will initialize
all the worker classes and make calls to
workerfunctions based ont he priority of each worker
class. Will this work?

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