favorite python web development tool?

Ben Last ben at benlast.com
Wed Aug 18 14:11:17 CEST 2004

Whilst not in any way whatsoever wishing to prompt or contribute to a
BestWebEnvironment holy war:
I'm currently approaching the end of a sizeable website development in Zope.
I found it to be a very powerful environment which is *extremely* badly
documented and requires a *significant* investment in learning time.  I'm
not new to Python, and that was very useful to me, since I ended up in the
source code of the various Zope components many, many times.  If you *are*
new to Python, I would tentatively suggest that Zope is suitable only if
your first development is not mission critical or subject to tight time
pressure.  I don't regret choosing Zope as far as suitability is concerned,
but I do believe I underestimated how weak the documentation and support is,
and how difficult it would be to work in.

This is, I repeat, merely my subjective opinion.  I have not undertaken a
careful assessment of Zope vis-a-vis other environments, and the criteria by
which I selected it were specific to the particular problem domain and


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> > i'm fairly new to python, coming from a java servlet / velocity
> > template background.  i'm looking for a good python web development
> > tool, and hope to find some suggestions here.
> Klaus Schilling
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