Sending Mail via Extended MAPI

David Fraser davidf at
Fri Aug 6 10:34:38 CEST 2004

John J. Lee wrote:
> David Fraser <davidf at> writes:
>>John J. Lee wrote:
> [...]
>>>IIRC, there's a commercial COM server that wraps up Extended MAPI and
>>>exposes a clone of the Simple MAPI interface.
>>I think this must be Outlook Redemption ...
> Yeah, that rings a bell.  From the name, I guess I misremeber the API
> it exposes, though...
>>anyway we'll try and see
>>if we can implement what we need without them :-)
> Rather you than me :-)
> John

We have now discovered that pywin32 contains a win32com.mapi class which 
wraps extended MAPI! That plus some finding C++ code that actually 
manages to send mail via extended MAPI and we're nearly there ...

Just need to work out how to construct a PyADRLIST for the 
PyIAddrBook.ResolveName function from that module which isn't clear from 
the docs or the source or anywhere else ... but that looks like the last 
hurdle. When its done we'll write it up as a Cookbook item or something


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