Decorator keyword options

David Fraser davidf at
Fri Aug 20 16:22:59 CEST 2004

Paul McGuire wrote:
> "David Fraser" <davidf at> wrote in message
> news:cg509s$40m$1 at
>>Good plan. If anyone likes "wrap" they could add it to the Wiki with
>>something akin to the description of transform
> David -
> I encourage you to do this for yourself, if you have time.  I think this is
> exactly the kind of thing Wiki was intended for - we are all empowered to
> include items on that list.
> (If you do not see the "EditPage" option at the bottom of the page, select
> the "Preferences" item on the left-side menu and enter your info.  Once this
> is done, you should be able to edit pages.)
OK you were right I was avoiding registering :-) ... done now


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