Buy a vote! (was Re: Poll - Vote here for "list-after-def" (was Decorator syntax))

Anthony Baxter anthonybaxter at
Fri Aug 6 18:31:57 CEST 2004

On Fri, 06 Aug 2004 10:09:56 -0400, Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:
> I suggest that everyone with an opinion on the matter visit the
> page at and make a donation,
> preferably sized in relation to the strength of your opinion. (*)


> (*) I've just done so, since it seems like a more productive thing than
> endless argument over the same issues.  And this way at least there will
> be money to pay Anthony to do the right thing. ;-)

Hey, Guido's the one you need to be paying off. I'm just a grunt. <wink>

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