Python future performance and speed

Sam Holden sholden at
Sun Aug 22 17:46:54 EDT 2004

On Sun, 22 Aug 2004 15:44:57 -0500, Reid Nichol <rnichol_rrc at> wrote:
> Sam Holden wrote:
>> After all python has been used as the scripting engine for a  number of
>> commercial games - a domain that certainly cares about speed.
> Not the graphics though and that is where the speed is really needed.

True. However, when you run a script for every frame of said graphics
the script needs to run reasonably fast. And that has been done.

Obviously python is not *fast*, it is however, "fast enough" for the
vast majority of applications. I'd argue that for a significant
number of the applications python is not fast enough for, it is 
possible to write a component in C (or C++ or whatever) with a 
python wrapper.

Of course it's not that python is super fast, it's that hardware is
very fast these days. Games have gone from Assembler engines and
C game code to C (C++ even) engines and scripting language game code.

Of course python cod ebeing so much quicker to develop than C code
doesn't gain as much as machine's get faster during development :)

Sam Holden

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