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Mon Aug 9 18:49:28 EDT 2004

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> hi!
> i have an application that allows admin users to create template files,
> which are stored on the server.
> currently the file are created with the owner "nobody"
> is it possibly to change the owner to be the same as the owner of the web
> account?
> if yes, are there any security risks with doing so - the script changes to
> the web account's owner, creates the file and then changes back.
> thanks
> cheers
> --
> Ajay Brar,
not sure what operating system your on but if your worried about security
you could create some sort of alias dictionary,

ailiasdict = {'nobody':'cfcgf1234','sombodyimportant':'pi3.14159'}

then encrypt it and store it to disk.

you then create the file with the owner ailiasdict["nobody"].


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