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Wed Aug 25 22:54:12 CEST 2004

hi there,

while half the world is watching Olympic Games and the other half 
is discussing about decorators, and as far as my good proposal
("#decorator" :) has been sadly ignored, I've spent last days writing [1], a simple python script to retrieve news from the service.

Supported feeds: es, fr, de, it, nz, au, in, ca, uk, us
Can export to: rss2 xml and html files

  - Python 2.3+
  - BeautifulSoap (	

I use it in a hourly cron script, building rss files which I read with
liferea :

[inigo at inigo inigo]$ cat /etc/cron.hourly/googlenews
/home/devel/mine/googlenews/ --rss-path=/tmp -w -q es
/home/devel/mine/googlenews/ -cnes --rss-path=/tmp -w -q nz
exit 0
[inigo at inigo inigo]$

type " --help" for more info.

Hope you like it,

Iñigo Serna <inigoserna at>
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