age of Python programmers

Reid Nichol rnichol_rrc at
Sat Aug 21 02:37:44 CEST 2004

> You might look at this, also from
> quantum leap
> A dramatic advance, especially in knowledge or method, as in 
> Establishing a central bank represents a quantum leap in this small 
> country's development. This term originated as quantum jump in the 
> mid-1900s in physics, where it denotes a sudden change from one energy 
> state to another within an atom. Within a decade it was transferred to 
> other advances, not necessarily sudden but very important ones.

You're aware of how big an atom is right?  And people don't typically 
suddenly change from one language to another.  They'll tend to change 
gradually if only because the people at work won't like an inflection 
point with regards to such matters.  It makes support hell.

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