Best GUI- Python for children - pygame and blender32

Pete Shinners pete at
Thu Aug 26 00:41:46 EDT 2004

Andr? Roberge wrote:
> I am learning Python (which, as everyone know is the best language :-)
> so that I can write a tutorial to teach my kids about computer
> programming.  The motivation for them will be to use Python to create
> their own games using pygame and, eventually, blender3d.  From what I
> hear, their friends will be interested in that tutorial too.

You'll want to wrap all of pygame up in a nice kid-friendly wrapper. I'd 
start with things like defining functions that get called when certain 
events happen.

Learning programming you will not want them starting with the important 
parts of pygame, like handling event queues, managing dirty updates, and 
those details.

Good luck with your plans, I recommend the pygame mailing list and irc 
chat if you get stuck on details.

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