VB-like GUI designer?

Neuruss luismg at gmx.net
Mon Aug 9 19:35:45 CEST 2004

Two options:
1) Boa Constructor: is the closest you can find to VB or Delphi. It's
free and based on wxPython.
2) PythonCard: this is the asiest to learn and use by far. However,
there are some widgets that are not implemented (no datagrid, for

There is at least one commercial product, BlackAdder, but it didn't
impress me at all (it's trial version is a little bit annoying, since
it doesn't let you save your work and it seems to close every few
minutes, so you never get anything done...).

As for the two mentioned above, I can say that I love PythonCard. It's
like a very intuitive and simple (very simple) VB, but as I said, it
is not very complete at this moment.
I tried Boa Constructor a couple of times, and it seemed to me a
little bit difficult to understand how it works, but I didn't try hard

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