Decorator "platform"

Doug Holton insert at
Tue Aug 10 22:26:23 CEST 2004

Reinhold Birkenfeld wrote:
> it would be a big advantage to
> everyone following to have the different uses of decorators collected,
> to serve as a starting point or a repository of what's possible.
> What I have in mind is a sort of "decorator library" where everyone who
> has written a useful function of that kind can share it with others,
> instead of only posting it here. As I don't know whether there will be a
> "decorators" module in the stdlib, this would serve as a replacement
> until decorators are a final language feature.
> How would one realise such a project?

Maybe you could create a PythonDecoratorLibrary page at the Python wiki:
Click the UserPreferences link on the top right to register for an 
account to be able to edit pages there.  And surround your python syntax 
with {{{ }}} so the formatting stays the same.  Example:


def foo (arg1, arg2):

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