ANN : JyRetic EAI Server 1.0 released

Alexander DEJANOVSKI alexander.dejanovski at
Fri Aug 6 14:41:14 CEST 2004

JyRetic 1.0 is now available after for Retic 1st birthday...

The most important new feature is the integration of Tanuki Software's 
"Java Service Wrapper".
It adds to Retic great restart-on-crash features.

Other changes are :

- New : Adaptor and parameter definitions are now stored to provide, among 
others, "restart" features.
- Bug fix : Exceptions are now correctly raised on error in SQLSink.
- New : SMTP Postprocessor
- New : Jabber Postprocessor
- New : SNMP Trap Appender (logger)
- Various bug fixes and improvements I might have forgotten...

Retic Administrator 1.32 is out too (Upgrade is highly recommended)

Changes are :

- Fix : Corrected bug on WSDL parsing during WS component creation
- Fix : Corrected bug on estimated end time in execution tracking
- New : New items in execution tracking popup menu => Open adaptor 
definition, Open params definition and restart
- New : support for scheduling permanent adaptors

Have fun !!


Retic is an EAI Server.
The aim is to permit applications to communicate, even if they
don't speak the same language (which means transport protocols
as well as data structures).
This is done by building adaptors. An adaptor is composed of :
         - One source
         - Several pipes (process data transformations)
         - Several sinks (destination of data)
         - Several loggers (using log4j)
         - Preprocessors (executed only once before adaptor execution - for 
example => drop/create a table through a SQL query)
         - Postprocessors (executed only once after adaptor execution - for 
example => creation of an index on a table through a SQL query)

It is written in Jython and works 100% fine with only Java 1.3+ installed 
(although some libs like cocoon.jar and poi-block.jar might only work on 
Java 1.4, delete them in case you can't upgrade) on your system (jython 2.1 
is embedded in the releases).
It provides connectivity with : JMS, HTTP, SOAP, UDDI, FTP, Xindice, JDBC, 
Jabber, SMTP and more...


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