Skip Montanaro skip at
Thu Aug 5 23:54:31 EDT 2004

    Anthony> ... here's what I managed [to edit in PEP 318] before a tidal
    Anthony> wave of crap flowed in...

I checked in Anthony's changes to PEP 318 (sent in private email) with very
few modifications.  I simply didn't have enough time to do more this
evening.  I didn't even have the time to read back through the entire

Anybody else who feels like taking a whack at it, feel free.  I'll be out of
Internet reach over the weekend, so it's unlikely I'll be able to do
anything more with it until next week.  Context diffs against v 1.15 would
be best on the off-chance I get inputs from multiple people.  A SourceForge
patch would be the best place to stick such things so other people can see
where your changes are.  Note that I'm not really interested in thirty-leven
new syntax proposals.  What would be helpful are pointers to other documents
and concise summaries of some of the discussions on and python-dev.
Incorporation of all or part of

into the PEP would also be appreciated.  Try to write objectively.  A PEP
isn't Usenet. <wink>

Note how I'm being optimistic that multiple people will contribute.  Lots of
people have worn out their keyboards on this subject, so I know the energy
is out there.  It just needs to be focused a bit.



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