Python and C, looking for a C IDE

Jussi Jumppanen jussij at
Tue Aug 24 17:25:28 CEST 2004

Michael Foord wrote:

> That aside - Pyrex looks the kiddie. Can anyone reccomend a reasonable
> C IDE ? An 'IDE' would be nice, but an editor might be sufficient.

Take a look at the Zeus for Windows programmers editor:

Zeus supports Python, C/C++ and almost any other language. Some of 
the programming features include:

  + Code completion and intellisensing
  + Integrated class browser
  + Project/workspace management
  + Fully configurable syntax highlighting
  + Seamless FTP editing
  + Integrated version control using the Microsoft Source Code
     Control (SCC) interface, including CVS integration.
  + Quick Help context sensitive help engine
  + Fully scriptable using Python

There is also a tutorial (see the Start Button, Programs, Zeus for 
Windows, Tutorials) that explains how to setup the Ming compiler 
and debugger (Windows ports of gcc and gdb) to work with Zeus.

Jussi Jumppanen

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