Alternative decorator syntax decision

Neil Hodgson nhodgson at
Fri Aug 20 12:41:48 CEST 2004

Peter Otten:

> I think Java and C# have been discussed on python-dev. Again you could
> your experience.


   ///@XDoclet was a forerunner that hid the @s inside doc comments

   [C# attributes] can be user defined but are static pieces of metadata.
   The "eXtensible C#" language extends this to allow compile time actions.

   Visual C++ attributes are not currently user definable but can inject
code into the output object files. Attributes can only be defined by
Microsoft who have not documented the interface between the compiler and the
attribute provider DLLs. Microsoft have been promising user defined
attributes for a few years now. "Ronald Laeremans attributes" is a good
google key.

   Microsoft IDL has had a hard coded set of attributes using the [] before
definition syntax for about 15 years


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