Logging with multiple loggers/handlers

Jeff Shannon jeff at ccvcorp.com
Sat Aug 7 04:46:23 CEST 2004

Vinay Sajip wrote:

>>While it's fairly likely that my interpretation of the docs is not 
>>something that many people will come up with, I think it might be 
>>worthwhile to expand the example sections to actually show how to use 
>>multiple heirarchical loggers.  Had there been an example to follow, I 
>>certainly wouldn't have made this mistake.
>The example in http://www.red-dove.com/python_logging.html#config does
>show in bold the items used by the configuration API, and says that
>the others are just used by the GUI configurator. Perhaps "channel"
>was the wrong name to use for a private element in the configurator,
>but it's done now.

May I suggest changing the wording of the getLogger() docs?  I think 
that simply adding a few words to a single sentence will clarify things 

- Here, "name" is synonymous with "channel name".
+ Here, "name" is synonymous with "fully qualified channel name".

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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