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Tue Aug 3 16:03:21 CEST 2004

Actually this can happen automatically.  If the
user's machine doesn't have a file association for
the file extension of the file that they click on
the browser automatically displays a open/save
dialog for them when they click on the hyperlink.
If they have an association defined on their machine,
for the extension it launches the application when
they click the hyperlink.  On Windows this behavior
is configurable.  They can always right click on
hyperlink and choose save instead.

Larry Bates
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> hi!
> How do i create and stream a file?
> On a webpage i have a link to a file. Next to it i would like link, which,
> when pressed, runs a script that calculates the signature of the file,
> pickles the signature to a file and then gives a dialog box asking the
> user whether they would like to save the file or open it.
> I have the script to do the signing and pickle the signature into a file,
> but how do i allow the user to download it?
> thanks
> cheers
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> Ajay Brar,
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