Databases: Getting values by column name

Robert Ferber rob at
Wed Aug 18 01:12:22 CEST 2004

Istvan Albert wrote:

> Robert Ferber wrote:
>> I already know the stuff on that page, it's really slowing you down :-(
> Your response to Skip Montaro's post demonstrates that
> you zipped trough it without paying much attention to what
> he said, so I think slowing a bit down would actually help
> you here.

I am already looking for that solution for several days already, I'm quite a
bit frustrated by now, sorry for my inpoliteness.

However Skip's solution almost works, at least the import statements and the
connect statement with cursorclass=MySQLdb.cursors.DictCursorNW don't
report an error.

> As other pointed out you have everything you need, using at:

Of course I looked at that webpage, but if I'm not mistaken, mx.ODBC.Windows
is only available on Windows which makes it useless for me, I can not find
a ODBC Package for my Linux distribution and the webpage doesn't give the
slightest hint what the package name is (which probably would make
searching for it too easy) or where to get it.

My distribution (SUSE) comes with dozens of Python-packages, but none have
"mx" or "odbc" in their name.

So after wasting another 20 minutes I discarded that webpage as useless and
responded to the only post that looked promising which was Skip's.

> or db_row at:
Purpose:       Python DB-API 2.0 interface to Microsoft ADO objects
Compatibility: Python 2.0
Requires:      Python Win32 extensions, ADO 2.5+, mx.DateTime
Revision:      Version 0.10 - Alpha quality code

I didn't know that the Python-community was infested by so much
Microsoft-only code. Both of your hints seem to be Win-only. And it's
"Alpha quality".


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