Proposal for removing self

Sion Arrowsmith siona at
Thu Aug 26 11:06:00 EDT 2004

Max M  <maxm at> wrote:
>You don't have to use self. You could simply use underscore '_'  instead.

When I started using Python for developing my own bits and pieces I
got into the habit of using 'I' instead of 'self'. Means pretty much
the same thing, stands out better in code, takes up less space on a
line, and is two keystrokes shorter. ...

>But other Python programmers will hate you for it ;-)

... And then stopped when I got the job of maintaining other people's
Python code and writing stuff that other people would have to use, if
not actively maintain.

Going back to look at C++ code (whoever wrote it) makes me realise
how helpful it is to have an explicit marker as to what's belongs
to a class and what doesn't. And before anyone mentions Hungarian
notation, (a) is 'self.' *really* that much more of an imposition
over 'm_'? and (b) it's not useful for distinguishing methods from

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