Crypto.PublicKey.RSA.error: Plaintext too large

Ajay Brar abra9823 at
Wed Aug 4 00:28:55 CEST 2004

Peter Hansen wrote:

> Ajay Brar wrote:
>> I am getting an error - Crypto.PublicKey.RSA.error: Plaintext too 
>> large - when verifying the signature of a document.
>> What i am doing is - the document and the signature are downloaded 
>> off the net, my verify script then connects to a server and obtains a 
>> public key. It then uses the public key to verify the signature.
>> The whole thing works fine when i do the same thing in the 
>> interactive interpreter. Its only when i download the files and 
>> obtain the public key from the server and then verify, that i get the 
>> above error.
>> any suggesstions...ideas???
> Carriage Return/Line Feed problems?  Or trailing newline problems?

thats what i am going to investigate now. But even if there were 
trailing newline or carriage return characters, shouldn't the verify 
return false instead of giving the error.

> -Peter

Ajay Brar
CS Honours 2004
Smart Internet Technology Research Group

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