Canvas scrolling - scrollBar become "disabled" on change in canvas

Askari askari at
Mon Aug 30 16:56:21 CEST 2004

Eric Brunel <eric_brunel at> wrote in
news:cgumjb$bnr$1 at 

> Askari wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    I do a "perso"widget where have two scrolls (one vertical, one 
>> horizontal) for a canvas.
>> When, the first time, I added widget in the canvas, the scroll
>> self-ajust and when I move scrollbar, the surface's canvas "moved".
> Well... It shouldn't... The only way to make the scrollable area
> larger is by using theCanvas.configure(scrollregion=(x1, y1, x2, y2));
> adding items into the canvas should have no effect at all on it...
>> But when I deleted  
>> (.destroy) this first widgets and that a added other widget, the
>> scrollBar become disabled (ajust for no scroll on the canvas).
>> What/where is the problem?
> Can you please post some (simple) code that shows this behaviour?
> Without a clear idea about what you're doing, it will be quite
> difficult to help you... 
>> I use basic widget (scrollBar, Canvas, Frame, etc.) from library's
>> Tkinter (and python 2.3.4 on WinXp Pro (sp1))
>> Askari

I try  but, not success. But 
I find that when I resize a parent's canvas or when I move the "view" on 
canvas (e.g. the other scrollBar not disabled), the anormal scrollBar 
become normal... 
so, I fix my problem with this lines :'moveto', '1')'moveto', '0')

It's a stupid fix, but it work!  :-)

Sorry, I can't send you some code because it's  minimum (if I remove 
comments) 200 lines... and 100 if I wrap the not important code... 


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