Python future performance and speed

Arthur Rambo arambo314 at
Tue Aug 24 01:45:30 CEST 2004

OK guys.

Now that you've debated at length of the first question addressed by
Neuruss (Python limitations for mainstream acceptance), why not come
back to the other aspects addressed:

- dynamic languages getting closer to static languages in terms of
- the future of Psyco, Pypy, Starkiller, Ironpython and other similar

What do you think? I'm sure many of us are interested in those issues
(didn't the widely respected Jim Hugunin mainly advertise IronPython
through its relative speed to C Python? Cf. the page title and first
item on

Whatever the reasons for which making Python faster is desirable or
not, it represents a very interesting technical challenge. Do you
think those projects will succeed? Which other techniques do you see
as promising?


> It seems there are quite a few projects aimed to improve Python's
> speed and, therefore, eliminate its main limitation for mainstream
> acceptance.
> I just wonder what do you all think?
> Will Python (and dynamic languages in general) be someday close to
> compiled languages speed?
> What will be the future of Psyco, Pypy, Starkiller, Ironpython and all
> the other projects currently on development?

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