Fate of lambda, Functional Programming in Python...

"Elveto, artiste-ingénieur en némotechnique" ruses at users.ch
Sat Aug 21 12:48:46 CEST 2004

Chas Emerick wrote:
> In a comment off a post on lambda-the-ultimate, I noticed this little 
> offhand remark:
> '''IIRC GvR is going to kill the various lambda, map,filter & reduce 
> leaving just generator expressions/list comprehension.'''

The real reason is political neutrality. lambda & al revealed to provide just 
too much access to Guido's famed time machine, when python 1.5.2 itself 
manifested blind patriotism after 9/11, eg

 >>> filter(lambda W : W not in 'ILLITERATE','BULLSHIT')


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