OT: simple compiled languages?

Paul Rubin http
Sat Aug 28 10:16:07 CEST 2004

I'm wondering what other languages clpy'ers are familiar with, that
have simple implmentations with compilers.  I'm asking out of general
interest, not for a specific application.  Usually, discussions of
small languages revolve around interpreters so I'm asking specifically
about languages with compilers.


  - Simple compact implementation, not too many LOC and not too many
    machine resources needed.  Example: Ron Cain's Small-C and its
    descendants.  Tiny CC (www.tinycc.org) is pushing the complexity
    limits for what I have in mind.

  - Real compiler, must generate real machine code (not threaded code or
    byte code or asm macros) that's not too horrible, but needn't make
    serious optimizing attempts.  Compiler should at least in principle
    be retargetable to multiple cpu's.  Load-and-go operation (i.e. no
    external assembler needed) is highly desirable.

  - Real language with datatypes and semantics, not a fancy assembler or
    FORTH.  Static or dynamic typing are both fine.  Fancy parsing is
    not required, e.g. Lisp-like syntax is fine.

  - Preferably self hosting, i.e. the compiler should be able to compile
    itself, once you've gotten a running instance of the compiler
    somehow.  Among other things, this helps establish that the language
    is actually useable.


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