MSI Installer Problem: can't install 2.4a2 on new install of Win2kSP2

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Fri Aug 27 07:49:24 CEST 2004

Richard Hanson wrote:
> If I have a directory named "Python23" with *only* the immediate
> contents of "Lib" in it (no other files or directories nor any of
> Lib's sub-dirs) in a separate Win98 partition, then IDLE doesn't run.
> However, if I rename or move that dir inside another dir, then IDLE
> runs. I can move that subsetted Python23 dir back and forth between
> being hidden inside another dir and being in the root, without
> rebooting, and IDLE works or not, depending on the visibility of that
> very limited subset of the normal Python23 install directory.

Could it be that you have an environment variable PYTHONHOME or

As for the console being mostly broken: what precisely does that mean?
If you run cmd.exe, and start c:\python24\python.exe, what happens?
What happens if you add a -v option to python.exe?


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