measuring 1/100th seconds, what function?

Jonas Kölker jonaskoelker at
Tue Aug 10 23:16:01 CEST 2004


I'm doing a Rubik's Cube timer, so I need a function to measure 100ths of
a second. I've browsed through the library reference of, but I
didn't find anything that struck me as 'the perfect fit'. Either it was
system dependent, or it was too grainy (lo-res), or... something else.

so, I need a function which satisfies (in order of importance):

1. It can be used to measure time in the range of up to approximately 1
minute with an accuracy down to 100th-seconds (that's 60000~65536
different values). Better accuracy is a bonus, longer time-frame is a
bigger bonus.

2. it must run on any version of windows upon which python 2.4 can run
(target systems), and run on my system (debian/sarge) __ without the need
for changing the code dependent of environment; any supported
non-Linux/non-windows sytem is a bonus, other supported Linuxes (sp?) is a
bigger bonus (however, I don't expect that it will _not_ work dependent of

I'm sorry for asking about such a triviality, but hey, if I can't get it
by RTFM, TFM is buggy ;)

Jonas Kölker

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