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How the @#$%^& did your name get in the "From" header on _my_ email,

You've got your chocolate in my peanut butter. Funky.

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> Colin J. Williams wrote:
> > One nit picking comment on Robert Brewer's document: An
> > annotation is a
> > transformation of a function, as a change to the flow of control is.
> I'd like someone to analyze that further. "Transform", like the word
> "change", can mean almost anything in English. However, I find the use
> of the term in programs to generally mean either coerce/convert/cast
> between types, or some other mechanism whereby one object is supplied,
> and another object returned. That is, "transform" affects 
> Being/"is" as
> opposed to Attribute/"has".
> However, neither your "gut feeling" nor mine about the issue is
> enough--we need a more rigorous heuristic to decide. Finding precedent
> would be a good start, if anyone wants to try.
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