Python and C, looking for a C IDE

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Wed Aug 25 00:34:38 CEST 2004

"Jussi Jumppanen" <jussij at> wrote in message
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> Michael Foord wrote:
> > That aside - Pyrex looks the kiddie. Can anyone reccomend a reasonable
> > C IDE ? An 'IDE' would be nice, but an editor might be sufficient.
> Take a look at the Zeus for Windows programmers editor:
> Zeus supports Python, C/C++ and almost any other language. Some of
> the programming features include:
>   + Code completion and intellisensing
>   + Integrated class browser
>   + Project/workspace management
>   + Fully configurable syntax highlighting
>   + Seamless FTP editing
>   + Integrated version control using the Microsoft Source Code
>      Control (SCC) interface, including CVS integration.
>   + Quick Help context sensitive help engine
>   + Fully scriptable using Python
> There is also a tutorial (see the Start Button, Programs, Zeus for
> Windows, Tutorials) that explains how to setup the Ming compiler
> and debugger (Windows ports of gcc and gdb) to work with Zeus.
> Jussi Jumppanen

Try Jedit.

While primarily written for Java(in Java), it has a plug-in for Jython, and
supports C/C++ and a myriad of other languages.


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