problems with pysmb

Serj K. serj307 at
Thu Aug 12 04:27:29 CEST 2004

Hi, all.

i'm having some problems with 'pysmb' module. 
What i'm trying to do is to get list of all available shares (servers)
on local ethernet. The net is quite big, and there is no way to know
to how many subnets (sub domains) it is divided. So, what's the best
method to do this?

 After calling 'gethostbyname' with '__MSBROWSE__' I have the ip of
But to use the 'smb.SMB(remote_name, remote_host... )' I need to know
the netBiosName of the host, which i don't know (and the reverse
function, name based on ip, is not working, even 'nmblookup -T
xx.xx.xx.xx is not working).

The question is why smb.SMB() needs both the ip and netBIOSName?
And if there is another way to do things? There has to be, 'couse
programms like
  LinNeighborhood somehow manage to work.

PS The problem probably is that I don't really understand the whole
concept of netBIOS stuff. In this case can someone please point me to
some brief intriduction?

           thanx in advance

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