Best processor (i386) for Python performance?

Dave Brueck dave at
Thu Aug 26 20:33:57 CEST 2004

David Bolen wrote:
> I don't doubt the performance gains, but I'd argue that if you are
> seeing that sort of improvement, then you clearly don't have an I/O
> bound program at all, but a compute bound one. 

Ugh, yes. Thanks for the correction! The application in question was an 
object layer in front of a database - it spent most of its time pickling 
and unpickling objects, so the bulk of the performance gains probably 
came from the database speeding up (it was on the same box).

>>But then again very few of the projects I work on end up having CPU as
>>the most scarce resource so the machines that do have multiple CPUs
>>are that way because they are running oodles of other processes as
> This is an excellent point since even if the only advantage to the
> extra CPUs was to free up more of a single CPU for a Python
> application, you'd still see a net gain for that application when
> running in its real world environment.

Good call.


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