Best GUI- Python for children - pygame and blender32

Shawn Wheatley swheatley at
Wed Aug 25 19:30:04 CEST 2004

You may want to try Wax (  It is a
higher level GUI that sits on top of wxPython.  This gives your
children an easy entry into GUIs, and as they learn more, they can
enhance existing programs they have written with more advanced
wxPython features.  Also, because it is built on wxPython, it should
allow integration of PyGame.  Sounds like a win-win situation.  (Note:
I haven't used Wax yet, so I cannot comment on stability.  Hans Nowak
keeps a weblog of progress at


On 25 Aug 2004 08:12:48 -0700, Andr? Roberge
<andre.roberge at> wrote:
> Sorry about the cryptic subject line, but I wanted to capture the
> essence of my message in a single line.
> I am learning Python (which, as everyone know is the best language :-)
> so that I can write a tutorial to teach my kids about computer
> programming.  The motivation for them will be to use Python to create
> their own games using pygame and, eventually, blender3d.  From what I
> hear, their friends will be interested in that tutorial too.  When/if
> I am satisfied with it, I'll make it publicly available (first in
> French though - an English translation will have to wait).
> My approach is to use what I called JITT  (just in time teaching :-)
> i.e. introducing as few concepts as are needed in order to understand
> the  "next topic", leading to game creation as soon as possible.
> Seems to be working so far.
> I am now at the point of writing a "chapter" on GUIs.  I've written a
> few sections about Tkinter but I haven't shown them to my kids yet as
> I am not convinced this is the best way to go; I've read enough about
> anygui, pythoncard, pyui, easygui, not to mention wxpython, etc. to
> instill doubts in my mind.  I can't really afford to take the time to
> learn enough about all of those to make an informed decision on my
> own, decision that I could regret later on.   As long as the chosen
> GUI is as easy as possible to learn but "complete" enough (and fast
> enough as an interface?) to do fun stuff with pygame (and, possibly,
> blender3d, if a separate GUI is needed), I will be satisfied.
> Any advice would be much appreciated.
> André Roberge
> PS  As for the python survey, I'm 43 years old, started learning about
> Python about a month ago, have done some programming in the past for
> fun using Fortran, C, and java, but haven't done any serious
> programming for years and it is not required at all for my day job.
> --

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