Importance of C# (was Re: IronPython-0.6 is now available!)

Michael Hudson mwh at
Tue Aug 3 14:42:32 CEST 2004

"Edward Diener" <eldiener at> writes:

> Tor Iver Wilhelmsen wrote:
> > Lawrence Oluyede <raims at> writes:
> >
> >> Nesting classes is an unneeded complication, and AFAIK is not pure
> >> MI. I think that the only "bare MI support" that Java does have are
> >> MI of interfaces...
> >
> > There is nothing pure about MI. But that's a religious dicussion.
> > Python handles it better than C++ at least.
> Why do you say that ? In other words, what in Python's implementation of MI
> is superior to C++'s implementation of MI ?

Cooperative super calls and the notion of an MRO are *vastly* superior
to the horrors of C++.

MI with classic classes in CPython kinda sucks in comparison.


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